Who We Are


Purapipe Will Set A New Standard For Transportation Pipelines

Purapipe is a rapidly expanding engineering Company with Intellectual Property (IP) Patents currently secured in 58 (fifty-eight) countries and pending in a further 20 (twenty) countries. View our Worldwide Patent Certificates for individual countries. Purapipe has advanced from the Research and Development ‘Proof of Concept’ Stage of their unique patented Pipeline Technology; to the proven application and rigorous assessment of the significant engineering, environmental and economic benefits obtained from the deployment of the innovative Purapipe continuous, composite Pipeline Technology, within commercial operational conditions.

Commercial Development & Demonstration Pipeline Project

Purapipe has established a Development and Demonstration Pipeline Project with Northern Ireland Water and the Polymer Processing Research Centre of Queen’s University Belfast, to verify the commercial viability and robustness of the novel Purapipe Pipeline Technology and validate full compliance with the necessary Regulatory/Industry Standards and Certifications. Additionally, the Project will demonstrate and substantiate the ability of Purapipe’s Self-monitoring Pipeline (Patent pending), with its fully integrated Fibre Optic surveillance system, to cost-effectively facilitate the real-time monitoring of operational transportation conditions within the pipe, confirm the structural and functional integrity of the entire composite pipeline infrastructure, and provide protection from the increasing, strategic Cyberattacks on critical pipeline infrastructure Assets.