The Next-Generation of Smart Pipeline is here - a Profitable Green Solution to the World's Water Crisis.

Purapipe has developed a safe and environmentally-friendly integrated pipeline technology platform for the 21st century. The Purapipe water transportation pipeline platform is smart, environmentally stable, long-lasting and designed specifically for the safe transportation of drinking and/or irrigation water to regions now facing dire drought conditions due to climate change.

Who We Are

Purapipe is a multinational corporation with primary offices in Switzerland, United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States offering its unique and patented Purapipe smart composite plastic pipelines for water transportation to a wide range of clients worldwide. Typical customers include local, state and national governments, as well as Water, Oil and Gas utility companies and development organizations seeking to outperform the established pipeline industry. The entire Purapipe water transportation pipeline platform uses a range of Purapipe’s patented technology to create continuous, composite smart pipelines, all of which are manufactured onsite, and without the traditional welded joints necessary during construction that contribute over time to leaks in old-school metal pipes.

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Oil and Gas

What We Do

Purapipe’s patented smart pipes are manufactured on-site using plastic polymers and advanced integrated electronics-not easily-corroded metals as in older, competitive products. They are simultaneously manufactured and laid down in real-time on location by a ‘mobile factory’ as a means to move water with maximum efficiency, environmental safety and cost-effectiveness.

The mobile factory digs a trench and outputs a corrosion-resistant, joint-free pipe design which is safe for drinking water, incorporates a multi-layered construction and is resistant to chemicals and forces from the surrounding environment.

The Purapipe composite pipe design also uniquely functions as a sophisticated Self-monitoring pipeline with integrated Fiber Optic cables, sensors and support electronics which are actually moulded into the plastic pipe in real-time by the mobile factory.


Purapipe’s smart plastic pipes have an expected trouble-free operational lifespan.

These integrated electronics and sensors are fully-customizable by each customer, providing a secure surveillance system protecting the Purapipe Asset from any malicious internet activity and to monitor for leaks or siphoning attempts.

These Fiber Optics can also simultaneously deliver high-bandwidth internet to the rural areas through which the pipe itself is running.

Purapipe’s smart plastic pipes have an expected trouble-free operational lifespan of more than 50 years, which is significantly greater than current-generation metal pipes and can save the customer millions of dollars in ongoing maintenance costs over the course of its extensive lifespan.

Purapipe will set a New Standard for Transportation Pipelines

Purapipe is a rapidly expanding engineering Company with Intellectual Property (IP) Patents currently secured in 58 (fifty-eight) countries and pending in a further 20 (twenty) countries. View our Worldwide Patent Certificates for individual countries. Purapipe has advanced from the Research and Development ‘Proof of Concept’ Stage of their unique patented Pipeline Technology; to the proven application and rigorous assessment of the significant engineering, environmental and economic benefits obtained from the deployment of the innovative Purapipe continuous, composite Pipeline Technology, within commercial, industrial operational conditions.

58 Countries

pending in a further 20 countries.



Purapipe has established a Development and Demonstration Pipeline Project with Northern Ireland Water and the Polymer Processing Research Centre of Queen’s University Belfast, to verify the commercial viability and robustness of the novel Purapipe Pipeline Technology and validate full compliance with the necessary Regulatory/Industry Standards and Certifications.


Pipeline Project

Additionally, the Project will demonstrate and substantiate the ability of Purapipe’s Self-monitoring pipeline with its fully integrated Fibre Optic surveillance system, to cost-effectively facilitate the real-time monitoring of operational transportation conditions within the pipe, confirm the structural and functional integrity of the entire composite pipeline infrastructure, and provide protection from the increasing, strategic Cyberattacks on critical pipeline infrastructure Assets.